Anti-spam features for sendmail

Maxim Zakharov

OOO «DataPark»

Sendmail's features description.


Turns on rejection of host not found in an reverse DNS zone. If an argument is provided it is used used to change the default error message. Without that second argument, the error message will be

Rejected unresolved: IP-ADDRESS

where IP-ADDRESS is replaced by the appropriate information. By default, temporary lookup failures are ignored. This behavior can be changed by specifying a second argument, which must be either `t' or a full error message.


The same as standard sendmail's dnsbl feature. But it checks IP afddresses obtained from an Received: headers in an DNS based rejection list. And standard error message will be

Rejected: IP-ADDRESS Received header HEADER-IP-ADDRESS listed at SERVER

where IP-ADDRESS, HEADER-IP-ADDRESS and SERVER are replaced by the appropriate information. It takes same arguments as standard dnsbl feature.

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